Cole D. Wisconsin

Immigration The Mistake In United States

My letter is about how immigration is killing our country and all the problems immigration has done.

    Dear Future President, how are you going to enforce harsh laws on immigration so that terrorist and illegal immigrants don't come in our country. 

     Illegal immigration is causing problems like how illegal immigrants don´t pay taxes and how they are criminals because they come in here without proper documentation. There is over 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Most illegal immigrants are from Mexico, China, Guatemala and Ecuador. This means they are coming across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

     Terrorism in our country is happening and we need to enforce more laws to stop terrorist. We should apply more background checks so terrorist don´t come in our country. Most terrorist come from the middle east. We need to stop terrorist before they take advantage of us like AL Qaeda and Isis. We need to stop and check peoples pass port so they are actually real.

     Illegal immigration is stealing our jobs and causing overpopulation which is affecting American citizens. Illegal immigrants usually hang out in Florida, California, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.These illegal immigrants are hiding in populated areas and where there racial population is.

     Immigration needs to be handled better so these reason don happen anymore.


De Pere Middle School

Kleveno Block 1

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