alexis Wisconsin


Abortion should be illegal

Dear Future President,

Many people believe that women should be allowed the option of abortion due to unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, but should we be allowed to kill a human being or not?

I know that some of you may have not know this but the baby can feel pain! Some places pull apart the baby's limbs, so they are in pain; in fact, after the parts are taken out they are sent to other places too be studied. According to the article ‘Feminists for life’ 400-500 times per year the baby’s are burned alive after late abortion. Now some may argue that its the womens body and they can do what they want with it, but it isn't there body it's the baby’s body, if it were there body they would be the ones dying.

There are pills that you can take, and they aren't as expensive as you may think. First off you can take birth control pills and since August 2011 when they made a new standard requiring health insurance, women can now get birth control pills easier than before (according to the article ‘Birth control funding.) Let's say that something did happen as in you were rapped well there are pills called plan B that make sure you do not get pregnant. There are all these things you can do to not get pregnant, yet there are over one million abortions a year!

Considering that abortion is available to anyone, it could potentially lead too greater gender sextual permissiveness. Think about it people who know that they can do stuff and then just get rid of it are probably not going to learn anything the first time around. Rape statistics have risen over the years, and woman's bodies were promoting business. Is abortion really helping us or is it just causing more problems?

Abortion doesn't just hurt the baby it also hurts the woman.

-Alexis C