Will D. Wisconsin

Gun Control

We need to keep guns out of the hands of people with criminal records.

Dear Future President,

I think that we need to be more smart about who we are giving guns to and that we need to enforce this more than we already do. 

Think about all of the people that die from gun violence. Roughly 68% of the murders in 2014 were from shootings. The total amount of gun deaths between 1999 and 2013 totaled up to be 464,033. 270,237 of which happened to be suicides, and 174,775 were homicides. Guns also rank 12th on the leading cause of deaths. What was even more shocking to me was that 200 Americans go to the emergency room each day from gun wounds.

Another reason as to why there has to be more control with guns is that there was population on 319 million people in 2014 and the total amount of guns was 371 million. That is too many guns in my opinion and there are bad people that have possession of these guns. This will cause deaths to many Americans. According to Gun-Control.com, in 2016, the United States had 88.8 guns per 100 people. So this means that the amount of guns has dropped and that number is equal to 270 million guns. The more we enforce gun control, the less deaths we will have.

My third and final reason as to why we need to enforce gun control, is that there are so many bad people in the United States and they have guns in their hands. Although the Second Amendment does state that everyone has the right to bear arms, we need to somehow find the people with violent criminal records and stop them from using guns. They are the main reason why so many Americans are dying.

Because so many people are dying of guns, I think that people with criminal records should be stopped from buying guns. This will most likely stop a lot of violence that is occurring in our country today and it will also drop the number of deaths that are also happening.


Will D.