Nykiah C. Ohio

Don't You Think Killing Babies is Wrong ?

If killing a person is illegal, why do we kill unborn children that haven't even seen the world they were meant to be born into ? Unborn babies are still alive and abortion will kill them.

Dear Next President,

If killing adults is illegal then why can we kill unborn babies? In this world abortion is a really big problem that we face today .We are killing innocent people that haven't even seen the world they were to be born into yet, as the next president will you make killing babies illegal after all it the persons fault for giving into temptation and getting pregnant or her just not being ready. But the kids they are killing have a right to see the world they were made in. Also the babies dont get a choice to live or die.

Something that the government can do to prevent this from happening is to set up an adoption program to keep the babies alive and give them to families who want them . Also there is young couples that will want to adopt to start and raise family of their own. People who are thinking of doing abortion should also talk to someone about if they should do this horrible thing to an innocent life. The government should set up a counselor or someone to talk to so the woman can talk out why they think they should kill a baby that hasn’t seen the world and then the counselor can talk to them about why it would be wrong to kill the baby.Some people would say they can't care for their kid or dont have a job to support their child, so they are getting an abortion, but the government can set up a care program to give some food that you could get if you have a driver's license or a parent's licence so they can get their food.

The government should have daycares that allow students with children to let them go to daycare they can still have an education. A program you should mention is benefits.gov is has a living asstiance which has other web sites you can use to find other people to help you with the problem of haveing a baby and you want to find out what to do with the baby.It can also help you find a place food programs if you need food for your family and other things to haelp you get though the hard times you may be going though. In this world we shouldn't be killing and innocent life and the next president should be funding these programs to help mothers with a child so they can have something and someone to go to.



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