Ainsley P. Ohio

We Are All Capable of Making Our Own Decision.

Imagine you were in a situation where you didn't have any money. You're a teenager with no money and u were pregnant. What would you do? Sometimes it's better to not have something then to have it.

Dear Next President:

Our country has many problems, however how women are treated in this day in age is very concerning. There are many different opinions on how women should act and how they think, except the only person who should be deciding that is the women herself. Although abortion is legal, people are trying to make it illegal because they believe abortion is an act of killing another person. This shows that women who need and abortion do not take it lightly and only proceed with the process if it is necessary. About 22% of pregnancies end in abortion. This shows that women who need and abortion do not take it lightly and only proceed with the process if it is necessary.

A women in a situation where they want an abortion should have the right to make a decision for herself. A women should be able to make a decision for herself because she is her own person. I do not want to grow up in a country where women can´t make decisions. There are women in many different countries that don't have the rights we do and because we have those rights they should be protected and not taken away from us.

Although it is legal for a women to have an abortion some states are interfering in the process by creating obstacles for the women. The government is creating laws that make it harder to get an abortion such as when Louisiana and Kentucky lengthened the waiting period, and because at a certain time in the pregnancy you can´t have an abortion, it could be too late.The government is passing laws that say the doctor that performs the procedure needs to have admitting privileges at hospitals. Also abortion clinics need to meet ambulatory surgical center standards. Not only is the government interfering in the decision process, but is also taking away the woman's right to make the decision. Women should not have their rights taken away if it is indirectly or directly.

Women who do not have an abortion will either keep the baby which can end in poverty, or she will give the baby up for adoption and/or be put into the foster system, which is not a reliable system.Ther e are approximately 1 billion children in poverty right now, and some of them are in this state because of their upbringing. Women who are not ready usually do not have enough money to support them and their child, so they start to lose money. Abortion and poverty are connected, because if abortion were illegal the poverty population would increase dramatically.



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