Caroline Ohio

Changing the ways we work for the future

I think that the education system in America is terrible and unfair. I think we should change what we are learning, how long we are going to school, and what kind of breaks we get for the better of our schools and to make it fair for everyone and for the better of the future.

Dear Future President, 11/2

I think that education should change in our world because kids are being taught ridiculous things, and we are going to school too long. Kids are being taught things that aren’t going to matter in life and things that aren’t important to society. In school I am learning about things that don't apply to me and that I don’t care about and that in the future I’m not going to use at all in the future and when I get older.

We are going to school for way too long of hours and when we do this, kids are shutting down and not caring. From everyone I’ve seen at school whenever school gets close to the end of the day we are shutting down, not caring about our next few classes, and not knowing what we are doing in those classes. We are only getting one break a day for 30 minutes or less and that’s affecting how we are learning and how much we can learn in a day before we shut down and before we can’t learn anymore.

We can help this and fix how kids learn and help us all get better results as a country if we change the amount of time that we are going to school for, or change what we are learning. While some may say that the stuff that we are learning in a good thing to learn because it is challenging and the amount of time that we are going is fine. Then we have enough time to go to each class and learn what we should learn. However, we do need to change what we are learning because the things are too challenging and it makes some kids feel dumb because they don’t get it like some kids do and it makes them stop caring about what they are learning. In all of my classes, there are at least two or more people that don't bother learning what everyone else is, because they just don’t care about it and they feel stupid compared to everyone else. Teachers aren’t getting paid enough for what they are doing and for what they give up for kids and for their jobs. Teachers are one of the most important people in our lives but yet they are one of the least paid people. All we are learning in school is what we need to use for state tests; we aren’t learning anything that matters. We are going to school for almost 8 hours a day and yet we only get one 20 minute break a day, this is causing us to all shut down and making us feel even more tired than we already are.

So as you can see from my thoughts above I am not the only one who cares about this issue and that it is a serious problem that needs to be changed.

Sincerely, Caroline

Oak Hills High School

Hodges Eng III: Bell 6

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