Ashley Z. Florida

Hunger to Feed

The Children of our world need meals not scooters.

Dear Future President, 

I am hungry. I am hungry to make this world better. I hunger for the day our children aren't embedded in their phones and instead help this world stop itself from starvation. 1.3% of the world's population is hungry. That's roughly 805 million people who go undernourished on a daily basis, consuming less than the recommended 2,100 calories a day. While children today are not exactly the most interpersonal generation we have had, it is no excuse to drive by a young person on the streets without doing anything about it as you have one hand on the new scooter you bought your 8 year old boy. I fear that more and more innocent lives will suffer the consequences of not having anyone take care of them or watch out for them as they pass day by day surviving less and less with no reason to do so. I understand that you can not ensure that every single person can be one hundred percent completely fed everyday, however, put some effort into it. Instead of spending trillions of dollars for a military service that should not be as needed, provide more government funded facilities that can protect he lives of our young youth. These children should be hungry for knowledge, enhancing their five-wits, discipline, and strength in themselves; not hungry for a scrap of someone's old food in the trash. Who knows what these children bring to the table, they may be our answer to the cure of cancer, or yet,  they may be president. Feed the future because we only have the present. Can you help me President?

Thank you for your consideration, 

Ashley Zaky

Mourning Senior High School

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