Isabella T. Ohio

Gun Control Everywhere

Someone new gets hurt everyday. Why isn't anyone speaking up and putting a stop to it? Do they want us all to be at risk? Anything can happen, even in some of the safest towns in America.

Dear Next President,

Being president is going to be a lot to handle. And there are going to be lots of problem everyone wants solved. I have a few issues that I believe are the most important to everyone. Not just in certain places, but everywhere. All around our country there are people who agree with these issues. And it's not fair. I live knowing I live in one of the safest towns in my state, but there's still the danger of firearms. No matter where you live.

One of the most common issues in America is gun violence. People die every day because of gun violence. I don't believe we need to ban guns or take away rights for certain people, but there needs to be enforcement. People shouldn't be allowed to just carry guns. They should have to have to carry a license, or even just be law enforcement in public. Having a gun at home should be perfectly legal. But where it's stored, what you're using it for, and how often it's used, should all be monitored.

It's not fair that everyday people have to get hurt, or worse killed, because some people don't use their weapons properly. I don't think criminals should be allowed gun rights. People who have committed a crime already shouldn't be given the tools to commit another one.

I think people should have to carry a license. I don't think people should be able to carry firearms in public place, like a grocery store, or a mall. I just don't think we should take the risks of anyone getting hurt. Living with a firearm is dangerous even if it's locked away. Children whose parents own a firearm are most likely to know how to get to it, this can cause huge problems. For example; a kid gets in trouble, his first reaction is to get even. He goes for the gun, it now rules out as a homicide. It's just too dangerous.

I believe when you become president you can make a rule,to always have to carry a license while carrying a firearm. I also hope you limit convicts from using or having firearms in their possession.



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