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Will You Help Us More, or Start a War?

Can you stop terrorism or not? Terrorists have been damaging our country and hurting our people. They've hacked, bombed, and shot at us for to long now! We need a president that can use their power to stop them, and make sure it stays that way. We need a leader that will be able to protect us and guide us through the hard times. Who will be that leader?

Dear Next President:

Terrorists have been hurting this country for too long now and have to be stopped! Hello, I’m Andrew Jordan, and I wrote this letter so I could know how you would deal with most of today’s problems. This one I wrote is about Terrorism. I have a few different kinds terrorism and they all are what you have to deal with once your president. I hope you will be able to take care of these issues as soon as you become president.

There is so many different ways for people to terrorize others and I would like to know how you would deal with them. How would you prevent it? Would you add new gun laws? Maybe prevent immigrants from entering our country? Or give the police new weapons or take away some of their boundaries. All ways to prevent terrorism, but you need to think about the positive and negative effects. What are the pros and cons? Is it a safe idea, and how would it affect the people of the U.S.A? You need to make careful decisions for the better your country.

Recently there have been a lot of people and places being bombed a lot lately and it has been a problem for some time now. I would like to know how you would deal with it. The problem is that some people make homemade bombs, and it is very difficult to prevent that because it could be made out of simple everyday objects. Even though it is a very difficult task I believe you will use your power to prevent it. I would very much love to see this put to an end.

Finally I want to know how you would deal with hacking and hackers. Hackers have been stealing money and identities for a long time and they have been causing lots of problems. Some of the younger, more less experienced hackers have only screwed with websites and games just because they think it's fun. But older, more experienced hackers are a threat to the safety of everyone’s personal information. What would you do to prevent that? I feel terrified about the fact that my personal info is in danger, I hope you can prevent this.

In conclusion there are many issues to be dealt with and different ways to solve them. You will have the power to solve them. I’m looking forward to see the decisions you make and how you will help our country.

Sincerely Andrew Jordan

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