Christopher M. California

Stop the Burning of Fossil Fuels Now

Cars, machines, and factories are slowly killing the planet, we have the power to change our source of energy.

Dear Next President,

My name is Christopher Martinez, and I’m a senior at San Marino High School. I feel that it is our responsibility to stop the use of fossil fuels to power our cars, homes, businesses, factories, and cities. The United States is the world’s leading consumer of fossil fuels. The US consumes more than twenty-five percent of the world’s fossil fuel supply. In order to power the US via solar, scientist have speculated that we would only need .6% of total US land coverage. By using this land it would mean that the US would only require oil for cars and vehicles, but the electricity used to power the country would be provided for by the sun. Yes the sun does not last 24/7, but fortunately there are other eco friendly methods to produce energy.

As the leader of the free world It is important for us to set the stage for other countries to stop using fossil fuels producing smog and carbon monoxide that is poison for the Earth and is slowly killing the planet. By burning oil, gas, and coal we are releasing greenhouse gasses. The capture of these gasses by the atmosphere and the ocean are causing irreversible damages to the environment. The damages include acid rain, chronic respiratory problems and climate change. Big oil companies continue to drill and excavate because they use their political influence to keep the American people feeding off fossil fuels. The continuous destruction of ecosystems that is required to excavate this resource is irreversible and will have long-term negative effects.

Greenhouse gasses contribute to much more than warming the atmosphere. Polar caps are melting much faster causing ocean water to rise at an increased rate. Smog, a greenhouse gas, is causing damage to all citizens around the globe. In China, the smog that is produced is so drastic that masks need to be worn just to breath outside. Kids are no longer able to play outside because the amount of carbon monoxide they breath is too harmful for their bodies. Recently, companies have been shipping canned air to China so they could breath in fresh air. This is a future example of what will happen to big cities in the US if we do not make a stand now and make the changes to stop the pollution caused by fossil fuels. By continuing to offer tax incentives to those switching to renewable energy sources could eliminate a huge financial burden to the american citizens and create new jobs thru the expansion of this industry.

By switching to Solar energy, instead of energy powered by fossil fuels, the average american household could save around $1,386 dollars a year. With more than 86,985,872 potential homeowners switching to renewable energy, the annual savings could have an extraordinary positive impact. The extra money saved could be used on luxury items which then can be taxed and used to help relieve the national debt that has been created.

By switching to solar, geothermal, and wind energy, the US can drastically reduce its independence of foreign powers for oil. It is proven that this form of energy consumption is more sustainable and much more eco friendly than any fossil fuel related form used today. By providing its own electricity, the US can set the example of change for the world to follow. We also have the opportunity to send the message, “The Earth provides for us, and in return we are killing it, we need to change now!”

This issue is of great value to me because I see pollution daily and it disgusts me. I enjoy hiking and at the top of a peak there is a clear, visible, cloud of pure smog. This smog covers houses, parks, cities and schools. The smog is everywhere and we continually breath in poison that should not exist. Every time I climb above this cloud everything is clearer, the trees, the sky and the wildlife has a brighter color to it that is unparalleled to anything consumed by the smog. Even while walking down the street, I see car exhaust left over after heavy traffic from that morning. On Huntington Drive, a street in my hometown, exhaust lingers in the street for hours with no place to go but in the air we breath.

I do not want to live in a world filled with poison and that is why I am asking you, sir or ma’am, to advocate for change and independence of fossil fuels. Help the human race from poisoning itself, and its home before the damage cannot be undone. Preserving the environment and eliminating fossil fuel is key to the Earth's survival because without clean air wildlife will continue to struggle to simply survive. 

Chris Martinez
Period 2
U.S. Government

San Marino High School

Period 2-3; US Government

San Marino High School, class of 2017.

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