Jeramiah New Jersey

Environmental problems

The environment is polluted and that needs to change.

Dear Future President,

There are too many environmental problems in this country.It’s everywhere in the United States and not to mention that most of the garbage is being dumped into the ocean and into our sewage pipes.Some of the environmental problems are pollution,climate changes,overpopulation,natural resource depletion,waste disposal,loss of biodiversity,deforestation,ocean acidification,ozone layer{depletion},acid rain,and water pollution.Pollution is the number one environmental problem in the united states right now.Pollution of air,water and soil require millions of years to recoup.Industry and motor vehicle are the number pollutants.Heavy metals,nitrates and plastic are toxins responsible for pollution.Water pollution is caused by oil spill,industries and factories plus combustion of fossil fuels.Soil pollution is caused mainly by industrial waste that deprives soil from essential nutrients.{ environmental problems.}As you can see, most of the pollution is caused by industrial waste which is not good and materials that are used to make cars and other products are responsible as well.

Did you know that Pollution can be in the form of noise,heat,or light?Well because of pollution, 14 billion pounds of garbage is being dumped into the ocean every year.14 BILLION pounds is a lot and way too much and it’s killing over 1,000,000 seabirds and over 100,00 sea mammals like hermit crabs,turtles and more.Soon there will be no sea birds and aquatic animals.That is not good since it can affect other living things.

Even the greenest states which the state that has the least tons of toxic waste, Hawaii still has a 1,000 tons of toxic waste.The greenest state is Vermont but it’s not as green as it may seem.As for us,New Jersey, we are the 5th least green state with 555 thousand tons of toxic waste and most of the reason for that is because our population is massive.I have notice that the reason why the states are polluted is because of population and also because not everyone cares about our Earth.Louisiana has 3.8 million tons of toxic waste and that the state that is ranked 48th in having the most tons of toxic waste.It’s insane to see such a small populated state with such toxic waste. It’s mainly the northeast and some of the middle region that has the most toxic waste.

We can’t keep this going and we won’t because I have ideas that will make a change for the better.First of all, I think we should have groups in every state that clean around that particular city in the state.Basically, organizations in every city with people that are willing to make the commitment to work and clean up.That can make some of a difference and also another idea I have is that we have a whole new place where we place garbage, one for recyclables and one for newspapers and boxes.It may be a lot of stuff but it will be in sections as I explained.There will also be a section for furniture and broken stuff as well so we use pick up trucks instead of dump trucks that crush it into things.But it will not be near a forests or near the oceans so it doesn’t kill or harm the animals,trees,or environment.Also we need to have more police cameras and some kind of garbage watch team in each city to make a big difference.Then we could gradually get a safe and healthy environment that will be great.