Nozomi Y. Michigan

Food waste is big problem

One issue I want to complain to you that the US wastes much food. Much food that we can’t eat most of is sold around us. We cook much food though, we always throw away it. Could you adjust good amount of food to sell and send rest of food to people in poverty who are in famine?

Dear Next President,

I want you to pay attention to food waste. It is not a problem only the US. It is the global matter. Developed countries waste much food- much food that we can not eat even though it is sold around us. We cook much food though, we always throw away it. Could you adjust the amount of food to sell and send the rest of the food to people in poverty who are in famine?

According to the Feeding America Organization, about 25-40 percent of food grown and transported in the US is wasted, equaling 20 pounds of food per person per month. Organic garbage is the second highest component of landfills. Food waste uses up precious space in landfills. Furthermore it cost money to process trash. Eliminating food waste in landfills could be solved easily. Future President, will you work with the leaders of the nations to reduce food waste and landfills? 

Much food is thrown away at most grocery store because of the expiration date, damaged food, or overstocked products. We need to reduce the food supply in the US to reduce food waste. The United States produces too much food. Overproduction of food promotes climate change. The very same climate change causing drought in other countries.  More precise planning of food production would reduce the impact agriculture has on climate and eliminate famine.

While I think in a perfect world people should eat all served food, the reality is that they don't.  And, some people argue that it is impossible that food is overproduced because research shows people in United States suffer from hunger. Perhaps if we could use the food that is wasted to feed those in hunger, we could eliminate overproduction.  I believe we can change our current food production practices. I hope for food equality in the US and all over the world. Your country, the US has a big power to change the world. It is responsibility of everyone to reduce food waste. Future President, will you work to address the problem of food overproduction? The world needs your help.

I’m actually an exchange student from Japan and I have observed that while the eating habits are similar the amount of food prepared differs greatly, in Japan wasting food discouraged. The USA and Japan have a good relationship. Perhaps our two countries could work together to solve this problem. I’m writing this letter to you also to Prime minister in Japan too. Solving the food problem would help many people and our climate.



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