Chenyu X. California

Protect glacier

In this world of glaciers is decreasing, we need protect glacier

Dear next president

My name is Chenyu Xu and I’m a San Marino High school Senior. Glacier is a beautiful thing. But in this world. Human destroyed nature environment. Such as deforestation of wood. This will lead to global warming, melting glaciers will be large. Melting glaciers will affect many animals, for example penguin and polar bear they all live on that glaciers. Melting glaciers homes will be small and more small. I have seen a picture polar bears keep swimming in the sea, because there is no ice can make it stand, In the end it dead. In addition to the animals, the melting ice can also affect humans. As melting glaciers will lead to rising sea levels. Then the water would drown linhai city. So in order to animals also for the sake of our own, we must protect the ecological environment. In addition to the glacier and the destruction of the rainforests are being seriously because people logging.

How many glaciers have disappeared in the world? Alex’s glacier is the largest glacier in Europe, winding 24 kilometers in the Swiss Alps. The glacier the deepest places of up to 900 meters, since 1870, 3km to have subsided. But the global warming for decades.The speed of disappear is increasing, At this rate soon the earth don’t have any glacier.

This issue is very important as president you can called on everyone to protect the nature environment I implore you to protect this beautiful nature.

Chenyu Xu

2nd Period

San Marino High School

Period 2-3; US Government

San Marino High School, class of 2017.

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