Bradley California

Dear Future President: Racism

Racism is a really tough thing that needs to be stopped since it is creating big problems around the world.

Dear Future President, 

          Racism is when a person does not respect another race. It is important because racism is worldwide and needs to be stopped. Some people become violent and sometimes die or get killed because of racism. Racism levels have dropped from the past to the present but there is still racism around the world right now.

          Racism affects everyone in all parts of the world including Americans, Africans, Mexicans, Asians, and a lot more. Racism affects everyone since it makes people feel different, in many ways, than other people. Some people feel like they are in lower levels since they are being judged by their race. Sometimes people get overactive and make bad choices against other people such as killing, fighting, and being disrespectful verbally towards them.

          Although racism is really tough, there are many ways to solve it. One way to solve it is by making a lot of friends of different races. if you do this you will learn how people from different races act. if you treat them well then you will change their mindset and they will think that your race is respectful and will want to hang out with more people of different races and become less racist.  

          Another way to solve racism is to speak up. if someone is being racist to another person you have to speak up to that person and help them fix their ways. With you doing this they will realize that what they're doing is wrong and that they need to fix their actions. Those are two ways you could use to stop racism.

          Overall racism is a big issue around the world and will never end unless everyone works together to respect every race and stop racism. Racism is important since sometimes people become violent, and sometimes get killed or die because of racism. Two ways to stop racism is to make friends of different races and to speak up against racism.                  



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