Sherimara J. Mississippi

College costs

Why are costs so high for colleges? Everyone isn't able to afford these costs. What should the people do about this situation?

     Dear Future President,

   In 30 years, if nothing has changed, Mississippi and Tennesse could be a disaster. I picked these states because they are the two closest states to where I live and where I have been most of my life. To solve this problem, you can work with the government and the Congress to dramatically reduce the prices on college and the requirements to get into college.

   The first problem the government and the Congress can try to solve would be to lower the prices on these high colleges. They are giving people problems and also stressing them out because they know they can't afford all them. This is putting them in debt. It is getting higher and higher every year. It would start to make people go broke trying to pay for these classes.

    The second problem the government and the Congress can try to solve would be the problems of student loans. They have been causing problems in college and when people get out of school, because all the student loans they had to get still haven't been paid off yet. There are about 1.3 trillion dollars of student debt now. So, this shows that something has to be changed because going to college is starting to mess up people's lives.