Kaitlyn Nelson Nevada

To Be or Not to Be

We cant succeed in life if there is no way to afford the education that is necessary.

Dear future president,

To be, or not to be is a relevant question. In order for something to be something or excel anywhere in life, in this country,you need to go to college. To not go to college would nearly destroy you chances at a comfortable life. Many people simply choose not to go college. However, how many of those people would love the opportunity, but simply cannot afford such a luxury? What of those who work extremely hard to succeed in all levels of schooling but do not receive the scholarship they need in order to go to college? They are forced to give up on their dreams. If college beyond high school became cheaper or even free, more people would have the opportunity to succeed in life. 

It could be economically beneficial. The more people who go to college the more people who get the opportunity to get an education. The ,more people that are educated the more workers joining the workforce creating more jobs. With more jobs come less homeless. The homeless in which we pay taxes to house. The less homeless the less housing we have to pay for in our taxes. That means smaller taxes. Lowering the price of college or eliminating the cost could benefit this country's poverty stricken households and help us all get an education. 
 Paying for college tuition now will also kick us all in the butt down the road as adults as well. The reason being debt. Adults will hold of buying homes, having children, even getting married because of their debt. There is $1.26 trillion total in US student loan debt. In 2012 alone 66% of public college graduates had loans. The average of their debt was 25,550.
When I go to college in two years my mom will have to pay for it. As most parents do. However my situation is a little different. I have a twin. So not only will my mother be paying more for two children to go to college at the same time she will be taking care of a household and paying medical bill for my sick father. One child alone going to a public 4 year college would cost around $24,000. Two children would cost around $48,000. Paying for two children to go to college at the same time is an extreme task in itself. I'm sure if college was less expensive or even free my mom wouldn't have to worry as much as she does. I'm sure many families have a similar situation where keeping up with college bills and dorm room fees and meal plans on top of home problems is an extreme burden. 
Eighty-three percent of Americans say they cannot afford the expenses of college. That means 17% can positively say they can cover the expenses. That means the 88% that cannot cover the expenses will then have to either take out a loan to attend college creating future debt.Or to not addend entirely. 

 So to be, or not to be successful. I suppose it is up to our future president to decide the outcome of the 88% of families teens who cannot afford college tuition



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