Jaisha b. Mississippi


There are reasons why abortions should be illegal and legal

Dear future President,

   Why do women get abortions? I think women get abortions because they have been raped by a man. I also think that women know they are going to be struggling to provide for herself and her baby. Taking care of a baby can take a lot of work especially if you don't really know how to take care of one. I think abortions should be both illegal and legal. I think it should be legal because they have been raped and don't want to have some stranger's baby and illegal because it's murdering a baby's life.

   Abortions should be illegal for many reasons. One reason is it's an early ending of pregnancy. For most women it's not going to be easy raising a baby. Specially if you don't kno if your baby daddy is going to help you take care of him or her.  It's a women choice if whether or not she want to keep the baby. It doesnt matter what anybody says. If a women wants to have an abortion she could.

   Abortions should be illegal because it be dangerous. According to emedicinehealth.com,illegal abortions are unsafe and accounts for 13% of all deaths of women because of serious complications. Having an abortions is like murding a child. According to listland.com, unborn babies  are protected from murder and violence by federal act 'unborn victim of violence.'

    I think the next president should talk to women before they get an abortion to see what their reason is. Because most people get an abortion because they don't want to take care of a baby and some get them because they have been rapped.