Nardos D. Mississippi

College tuition

College tuition should not be expensive.

Dear Future President,

Greetings to our President. I am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I came to the United States Of America in search for a better education and opportunities. Since last year I have been thinking where I want to go to college and on what I want to pursue as a career. I am highly interested in majoring in Psychology. I would like you to consider the current issue of expensive college tuition and the development of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities.

Most colleges and universities have increased tuitions over time. Especially for middle class, it has been a challenge. As we all know the reason behind this can be numerous things like peer pressure, the side effect of federal student aid, and so on. The other point is the decrease in historically black colleges and universities. Due to financial problems, these colleges and universities have struggled to uphold their legacies. We should recognize their work and honor them. So I strongly urge for the change of these issues that could benefit us all.

Finally, I want to thank you for your time and consideration.

Most respectfully,