Jamya G. Mississippi

Police Brutality In America

Dear Future President,

Police brutality is a major problem in the United States. In many states, there are black men getting killed by white policemen. In my opinion, I think the President should give policemen manageable cameras that will stay on them during an altercation with a person. Many citizens feel like their life is in danger. 

One thing about police brutality is that there are more black men getting killed then any other race. White police officers that have murdered innocent black people have not been convicted in the years of 2015 and 2016", according to the article New York Times . This statement proves that white officers will continue to get away with murdering black men and will not end up in prison. With this being said, there will continue to be riots across the United States. African Americans are getting tired of white people killing their race. 

African Americans now are creating organizations and protesting against police brutality. Now in the United States, African Americans created a movement in which they protest against police killings of black people , police brutality , and racial equality. According to the " Atlantic's Politics & Policy Daily article it states", The movement forced presidential candidates to reckon with a legacy of racism and police brutality , it inspired student protests and demands. The deaths of African American men will continue to increase until we get a good and non racist president.

In my opinion , I think police officers should have more training. If a police officer shoots and kills a innocent person he/she should face serious consequences depending on the case or victim. I have to say'', It is very devastating how innocent people are being killed everyday in the United States . I hope the next president we have take consideration in this matter and make our country a better place to live in .

Sincerely ,

Jamya Gladney

Student At Aberdeen High School