Brittany R. Mississippi

How high-cost education is stopping people from going to school

The education budget for our future should be one of the highest priorities because we are the future.

Dear  President 

I am a junior at Aberdeen High School located in Mississippi. The reason I am writing this letter to you is because I am very concerned. I am concerned for the students that are becoming seniors this year and about to graduate; just like many other people we are having serious concerns about advancing our education beyond high school due to the cost charged by different colleges/universities and out of state tuition. 

Now I do understand that being the President comes with a lot of stress, and more responsibilities than most  people may think, but I know that the education budget for our future should be one of the highest priorities because we are the future. Due to the fact that many low-income families and single parents can't afford these costs, it denies these type of people who want to go to college but can't go because they can't afford it. Many fall into the low middle class, meant to keep the poor down and rich up. Imagine the possibility different countries will have when all their citizens have a chance to pursue knowledge and different types of jobs, and knowledge comes to money which will not only better the economy but better the lives of the people and make their country great.

The only thing I ask of you is to please take the cost of a good education into consideration because it's not right for the low-income kids that would like to attend college but can't. We could lose a great opportunity at a brilliant mind if there was no opportunity in the first place due to lack of money. Prices to attend college have been through the roof lately and schools are seeing few students and more drop outs. Messing the youth of real true knowledge is denying all youth freedom, trapping the youth in a swirl of debt, violence, and 9 to 5 minimum wages.