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Salary un-fairness

We need to increase salaries for life saving jobs, and decrease salaries for non-deserving jobs.

Dear Future President,

Salaries around the United States vary depending on what profession one has. However, that shouldn’t mean that just because someone is an NBA player that they should make millions more than an amazing surgeon. Just because you entertain millions of people doesn't mean you should make that much more.

An average surgeon makes about 390,000 a year, where a NBA rookie will make an average of 10 million a year. This is a problem because a surgeon who saves lives every day isn’t even making enough to buy the amazing house they deserve without having to pay off loans. But a NBA player is able to buy a five bedroom house without having to worry about loans or a mortgage. That is completely unacceptable. Also, a teacher makes about 50,000 to 80,000 a year, even though teachers teach hundreds of young children or teenagers life skills that help them grow into amazing people. An NFL player can play about 16 games and earn a fortune. That is not right! I say we make a change in this economy and equalize or at least increase and decrease some deserving and not deserving salaries in the country.

I believe this is a real problem because people should be able to go into a profession, such as a social worker who helps kids have a place to stay or handle family problems, without having to worry about having enough money. That’s just not right! They are helping others yet can’t help themselves. So we should fix this problem because it is something that no one should ever face in a lifetime, yet more than half of the country’s population faces it every year. I may not know how to fix it but what I do know is that the salaries of people who have life saving jobs should be millions more than an NBA or NFL player. So let’s make a change!



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