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Pacific Garbage Patch

The Pacific Garbage Patch has been a problem for quite a long time. We need the next president be the one to do something about it.

 Dear Future President,

Have you ever heard of the Pacific Garbage Patch? The Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge problem. It is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is a circular patch of garbage gathering with some other trash floating about. It is a rather large area where companies dump their waste or garbage. According to facts ledgand.org there is an estimated three point five million tons, yes, TONS of trash in the United States. Garbagepatch.net said that the Patch is twice the size of Texas, and Texas is five hundred eight thousand five hundred seventy nine miles squared. Now imagine that. Well obviously this is contributing horribly to our environment and is a troubling factor. But did you know not only is it completely destroying our environment, it’s hurting our animals? The seven million tons of garbage weight that is in the patch is affecting both the land around it and all its contents in it. We need to do something about this. We need to make these companies stop littering only for their convenience. We need to think of our animals and wildlife

Due to this horrific, unhealthy patch of garbage, our animals, one of our major food sources, are in great danger. For example, according to factslegand.org, turtles, seagulls and many other animals and wildlife are being affected. For example, Loggerhead Turtles are mistaking shreds of plastic (a non-biodegradable item) for jellyfish, their favorite snack. Quite recently they have discovered a dead seagull with plastic bottle caps and other micro plastics in side of it. We must do something to stop this. Not to point fingers but this is technically our fault. The humans are the ones that are polluting, not anyone else. Did you know humans are the only species that create garbage the world cannot decompose? Garbagepatch.net states only an approximated seven percent of plastic is recycled in the United States. Can you believe that? So out of one hundred percent of garbage, we, humans only give seven percent of that back? We need a change! According to TED Talk Captain Charles More on The Seas of Plastic, there are Two million plastic bottles made every five minutes. In addition to that, in the United States, the small caps on those many, many plastic bottles are a non-recyclable item. According to TED Talk Captain Charles More on the Seas of Plastic as well, in 2009, they found a turtle with a plastic bottle ring on its shell that it grew into it. According to nwf.org some sea turtles can live up to one hundred years old! So, from that information, we can infer that that turtle must have swam into that plastic ring when it was a baby and now it is an adult that grew into it. That is another way that patch is affecting us and our animals. Captain Charles more on the Seas of Plastic stated, many tiny fish swallow tiny plastics. For example, a fish that is two and a half inches when cut open, has averagely swallowed eighty-four pieces of small plastics. And as a matter of fact, there is NO fish that is one hundred percent organic in our world because of what it eats.

So, future president, as you can see, this is a big problem because all the trash that is getting carelessly dumped, is leading into our waterways, it is a matter of time until it spreads further. We need to stop it for good and for all. Please support this cause for saving our future. Without making an action, this can get even worse believe it or not. We need to do something about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We need to make the companies with thousands and thousands of pounds of plastic and other waste that all add up to a grade total of three point five million tons of plastic, just stop polluting. This is not okay and I hope you will consider this now that you know just some of the effects it can have on both us, our future our environment and our wildlife. So there for after reading this factual information please consider this.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter


Emily D.

Center Moriches Middle School

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