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College/College Tuition

My letter is about College/College Tuition. College and College Tuition are very important issues in our world.

Dear Future President, 

I'd like to discuss a recurring issue that I believe is a big enough problem that you should consider taking into action. This problem doesn’t include everyone. My issue is college/college tuition; soon I will have to choose a college that I would like to attend, and all of the students that are in my grade are going to have to choose a college to attend too. Don’t you think these colleges are just a little over priced? 

According to College Board, the college tuition for private schools are $31,231 a semester and up, for state residents for public colleges the tuition is $9,139 a semester and up, for out-of-state resident attending a public universities the tuition is $22,958 a semester and up. These numbers are just for tuition not including you food plans, housing, etc. If you add all living needs up, you are spending a lot of money. Our colleges should be the same price and little bit more cheaper.

Everyone could change the world but some people can’t. Why can’t they? They can’t because in the beginning they don’t have all that money to go to college, so they go to the bank and get a loan. When you get a loan from the bank they have a fee. Say you pay a certain amount of money a month you get a fee on the rest of the loan. You have this student loan for so long just because you still don’t have all this money to pay it back. Parents and other people are still paying off these loans.

Thank you for considering these ideas! I hope you take this into consideration!



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