Vanessa G. New York

Animal Cruelty

We need to start saving animals now before it's too late.

Dear Next President,

We need to start saving animals now, before it’s too late. We need to stop killing animals, using them for medical tests, and using their fur for our clothing. We humans and animals are both equal, but we sadly take them for granted.

In Kansas, there is a Coyote Calling game where entrants pay eighty dollars to participate in this event. According to, over 4,300 coyotes had been shot over the past twenty years. Whoever kills the most coyotes wins five hundred dollars. It’s disappointing to see American killing other living things for money. Animals shouldn’t suffer because of us.

Dogs are our beloved companions who we humans love and can count on. Bacon is our breakfast and pork chops are our dinner. But pigs shouldn’t be killed often for our protein. If we kill pigs for our food, why should dogs not be killed too? According to, a pig feels the same capacity of pain as dogs. Imagine killing your dog and hearing him cry just so you can eat its meat. It hurts obviously! And pigs feel that EXACT SAME PAIN! So we shouldn’t kill pigs or cows often for our needs. We maybe can try to cut some meat from our diet to save all these innocent (and adorable) animals from being killed.

We need to catch all these evil people who abuse our pets. I read on, that nine puppies were found in a cooler on a hot day by a woman who was driving. The cute puppies were soaking in their own urine. These puppies were suffering. Animal Control was called and the puppies were graciously saved.

I want all these amazing animals to stopped being abused by us humans because I hate it when these animals cry and suffer, it’s honestly the worst feeling you could ever have. I’m not the only one who cares about these animals being hurt and not only just physically, but in their hearts too. Some comments on the puppy article were “A pox on the scum who did this to these puppies. Karma will find them and it won’t be pretty”. Another one was just plainly simple, “evil”. This quote from is truly meaningful. Animals should have  “The freedom of a living natural life free from human exploitation, unnecessary pain, and suffering, and premature health.” We all care about animals and you should too.

I hope you can fix this situation, next president of our country. This is really an important issue going on in the US, and we need to fix it.


Vanessa G