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military service

Is the military members treated fair enough. Shouldn't military be paid more than entertainers? lowest paid pro athletes in the Nba are paid more than high ranking officiers.


Dear New President,

I have a question for you to take into consideration. Why is it that Our military isnโ€™t a high priority. Past presidents have only shown interest in measurement of power and strength. Why should past veterans receive less just because they are no longer serving? What have they done to deserve such poor treatment and not be one of our highest priorities? Instead of attacking the second amendment, you should be focusing on something with more importance. The men and women that have sacrificed more than anyone has. Soldiers give everything up to serve for the country. Yet receive benefits while serving but, once out they seem to be forgotten. Along with tax free benefits over seas but, once back in states they are taxed.

So if you put your life at risk for this country for years wouldn't you want the best treatment?

To start the athletes in the us that make the professional level are paid great. Such as mlb nba and nfl. Fame and population of the athlete plays a big role in their pay. But why should the salaries of their contract still be worth over millions while a the highest ranked military operative salary is much lower. What do the athletes do that is more important than a soldiers job? The highest ranking officer can reach a salary of 20 thousand a month but can only reach that pay with 40 years of military service. Looking at the enlisted ranks are much lower pay. An E-9 SGT. Major can only reach 7800 dollars a month. Again must be in for 40 years or over of service. Compared against someone that entertains vs the ones that sacrifice lives and put everything on the line. Why should an entertainer be paid more than a soldier that fights for them to entertain? Another way to look at it is professional athletes have a very low chance of death while performing. But deployed as a soldier you are in war zones. Where it comes to life and death scenarios. Which then changes life for loved ones much worse of a fate compared to an injury of a pro athlete.

So I ask you again if you were not the president and were a soldier how would you like the treatment and pay given to serve?

Billings Public Library

TE - Billings, MT

TE - Billings, MT

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