Alexis P. Texas

Why Do We Must Have STAAR Testing?

Reasons why the next President should eliminate STAAR Testing.

Dear Mr/Madam President,

The biggest issue facing our nation today is STAAR testing (Standardized testing) and you should eliminate this problem for the following reasons. It creates too much stress on the kids and it is not healthy for kids and that's why many students tend to fail a lot. Another problem about this test is that, it is not an accurate way to determine how students do in school.

One problem about this test is that, this test creates too much stress on the kids. No one does well under pressure or stress, it's not healthy for the kids. That's why kids tend to fail this big test. Study shows that 60%-80% of students fail this test, that's a lot and that number should be lower. Students who get all A’s throughout the year have so much stress on them because they want to do well since they did really well throughout the year that they tend to fail from under so much pressure and stress.

Another problem that why this test is unacceptable is that it is not an accurate way to determine how a student thinks or how they do/work in school. The district doesn't have to determine the student's progress on one test, that's why we have small, little, short tests throughout the year called DCA’S (in some states). Some kids who do really well on school then the test comes around they take it and feel confident because they did really well in school, then after they get their results back they get a really low score. They ask them self why did they get a really low score but they did really well in school. This test is not an accurate way to determine the student's thinking and how they do in school.

Now you might say why this is all negative, but there are some positive things to this issue. Some positive things are that it keeps a guideline for the teachers so a third grader isn't learning what an eighth grader is learning and it also helps the teachers determine what to teach the students and when to teach it. Also the test let’s parents know how their child is doing in school and they can help with what they are struggling with. It also determines if you are going to the next grade, because if you pass the first time you are right on board.

The STAAR test is just a big test that is really not necessary in our schools/districts. It creates too much stress on the kids, that's why they tend to fail even the kids that get all A’s. It is also not the right way to test the kids on how they learn in school each learn differently. Mr/Madam President you should take this problem into consideration and do something about it, it is affecting schools worldwide.

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