Shih E. Texas

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Persuasive Letter with reasons to the gender pay gap

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Congratulations on being the 45th president. But as the president, there is great responsibility and one of them ensure equal rights of the people. The gender pay gap is perhaps the largest problem there is in the world as it discriminates half of the world’s population, America included. Affecting half of our nation, this issue can easily have a huge impact on our economy. Almost half of the women in poverty can have their heads back above water if this inequality is resolved, resulting in positive reflection on our country. Not only is this about benefiting the economy but living up to the very definition of equal rights, the foundation of our country. Your responsibility is to defend their rights on the behalf of the constitution. Strengthening the power of the constitution and could be done through movement and public speeches. This is necessary as laws previously made when standing by themselves have been proven to be ineffective.

Women not only make up half of the nation’s population, Women make up half of the United States’s education but their pay is lower than others yet, they make much less than men. It is a clear violation of the 14th amendment and relates closely with the 19th amendment. As shown in studies by PewResearch, a non-feminist organization. The big number here is 77%, the average percentage of men’s income women earns. As the Institute for Women's Policy Research’s analysis had shown, the width of the gap may have shrunk over the past few decade but women will not reach pay equity with men until 2152. But this can easily be resolved with help from the government.

Some people may claim that the 77% myth to be an exaggerated number used just for feminism to prove that there is a pay gap. This is part of the truth, as other non feminist research have shown. The 77% is just a percentage showing the average of income of women to the average income to men. “It doesn’t take account the different gender employment patterns.” said the washington post. But not only did they disprove the 77% gender pay gap myth but they also built further upon the foundation of gender pay inequality. From Washington Post also, they found the actual number to be 92% including work patterns and job selection. That 8% is still a pay gap and no one can claim otherwise.

That being said, there is still a wage gap. And something can be done about it. Closing the gender pay gap will have lasting positive effects on our economy. Gains that women could make through equal pay could contribute to gains in the GDP at a rate equivalent to adding another state the size of Virginia according to Careers in Government. More pay for women means less people in poverty that this is reflected positively on. Poverty is something I have experienced personally. During the time my father was going through therapy, my mother was forced to take the load. My family had a savings account but it diminished quickly, even with the jobs she works at. From a report, it is said that if the gender pay gap is closed, half of the women in poverty will not.

In conclusion, the gender pay gap is perhaps the largest problem there is, it is one of the most important issue to take care of. This is not something that can be changed by signing another bill as it is been shown that it is not very effective, but changed through having a role model who starts the movement to end inequality. Freedom from inequality the very reason that why many of American citizens are in this country, from bias, racially and gender-wise. As president, it is mandatory for you to protect the constitution, including the amendments. Namely, equal rights. Now, this is not only something that is done solely because it is just because it was protested, but also because it is beneficial to the United States as a whole economically wise. Throughout your years of presidency, this is a must to do, boosting the economy and ensuring equal rights of the future of America.

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