Rohan K. Texas

Why we must make College Free

Reasons why the President must make college free.

Dear Mr/Madam President,

Imagine America with barely anyone educated, even though this is already occurring. Mr./Madam President, you must make college free. The first reason why college must be free is because families with low income can’t afford to pay for their child’s college fees. Another reason is because the kids end up at a minimum wage job and affects the U.S economy. Kids in America can’t afford college due to these reason.

College must be free because families with low income can’t afford to pay their child’s college fees. Parents dream of their child would go to college and become successful and wealthy, but most families can’t send their kids to college due to their destitute salaries. Parents would even work extra and hold money off by cutting down necessities like food and clothes. 83% of the United States said that they can’t afford to send their kids to college. This means that only 17% the United States can afford to send their kids college which means most of the United States isn’t that educated when it comes to higher education. The U.S ranks 14th place in the world in education, America is not even in the top 10. If we want America to be successful and everyone educated we need free college tuition.

On the college’s perspective they say that they need to pay their staff and

materials which is true, but just like elementary, middle, and high school they get government taxes which colleges should do to so college tuition would be free and just come out of taxes just like public schooling. High School is the final stage of Public Education and schools encourage students to attend college, but some do not realize that it is pricey to go and that is why so many students finish high school and live with their parents or fend on a destitute job. College’s and National Governments must work something out so students can go to college with no tuition expenses.

Kids end up at minimum wage jobs and this hurts the U.S economy. During High School, their are a lot of students who work at H-E-B and Target to try to collect money for their college tuition. When I went to H-E-B all of the staff were mostly kids in High School who are trying to collect money to go to College. Most students don’t collect enough money in time and leaves them with their minimum wage job at H-E-B or some other places. Loan places is the kids last option but since the child works at a low income job loan companies won’t accept them which leaves them no option but to stay working in their low income job. This hurts the U.S economy because the more people who work at low income jobs the economy drops because if there's a lot of people with low income jobs, they can’t afford a lot of manufactured goods and other items. Mr/Madam President, this is why you must make college tuition free.

Mr/Madam President, you must make college free because Families with low incomes can’t afford to send their child to college. Most of American families sadly can’t afford to send their child to college which is why the U.S is 14th in the world when it comes to education. The more kids who can’t afford college the rank of the U.S gets worse. Kids end up at minimum wage jobs which hurt the economy because the kids can’t afford to buy all these manufactured goods. Mr/Madam President, I hope you understand more distinctly on why college should be free.

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