Luke N. Texas

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is dangerous because it causes health issues and poverty. We can stop drug abuse by making the consequences harder.

Dear Future President of the United States,

Imagine a world where parents don't have to talk to their children about being tempted by smoking or drinking too young or taking drugs. And where schools don't have to have Red Ribbon week to encourage their students to stay “ Drug Free”. Drug Abuse is a huge issue that is effecting our society dramatically and is being overlooked. It is a huge issue because it causes health issues, poverty, and the penalties for it are not strict enough.

Drug abuse causes serious health issues. Research says "Illegal drugs are illegal because they have no real benefit other than to make the body feel good, and they might do so much harm to the body that they aren’t worth the risk that comes with taking them. Essentially, illegal drugs don’t solve any problems like legal drugs do.” (Starlight). Drugs don't only affect the users but also others in different ways. If a user decides to have kids and the effect of the drugs is passed genetically to the offspring. Drugs can not only harm people but they can also kill people too. The average death rate per year due to drug abuse is about 47,055 deaths. This destroy families and other relationships because of the tragic losses.

Drug abuse also causes serious financial issues too. Smuggling drugs is illegal and that meant it costs a lot to get them. Research says “Substance abuse is expensive. Often, funds to maintain a drug abuse habit are taken from savings accounts, child education funds and other living expenses. It often requires further funds to then cover up alcohol and drug abuse habits, which will commonly lead to increased debt.”(Summit). This is very dangerous to the user, especially if the use is young and isn't financially stable yet or if they were broke to start.

Illegal drugs are illegal because they are dangerous, and people go a long way to get them even they know the consequences ahead if they are caught. Research says “Once arrested, drug addiction can haunt you. You’ll face legal consequences of drug abuse like: lost driver’s license, revoked professional licensure, especially in public safety, medical and transit fields, and Criminal record detailing arrest, jail time and history of drug abuse”(Summit). These consequences are pretty strict but people still have issues with drug abuse. I propose that we work to make these consequences even more strict because I don`t these are harsh enough and to scare people from taking and smuggling illegal drugs.

Now imagine a world where no one had to care about drug abuse because it is no longer a problem. Our country would be much safer and more productive. You can save countless lives if you make these changes because you will keep them from being addicted to drugs. You can make a huge difference.

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