Lauren S. Wisconsin

Issues on Standardized Testing

Dear Future President, I would just like to start by saying that standardized testing is not a good way of testing a student of their knowledge. I have researched the topic of standardized testing, and I have come up with many reasons of why standardized tests are bad. According to an article from The Washington Post, "The average eighth grader spends 25.3 hours taking 10 standardized tests." (Lyndsey Layton) That is more than a day! This could include preparing for the test, or just taking the tests, but either way that is way too much time to take out of their real learning. An article from Oxford Learning (Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing) states there are many cons to standardized testing. First, it causes a lot of stress for students and teachers. Some students don't handle stress well. With a test that could determine your future you are setting those students up for failure. Next, standardized tests create competition between students, teachers, and even school districts. Disadvantages are caused to the students who don't do well on tests period. The article states that "Standardized tests only measure certain areas like reading, math, science, and social studies." You aren't being tested on the things that you will need to use in the real world. The picture ,by Mike Keefe, that is included below proves that these tests don't help people in the real world. The picture shows a man going to a job interview. In the picture the principal asks the man, "Were you educated in the public school system? What does that qualify you to do?" The man being interviewed responds with, "Is that a Multiple Choice, a True-False, or Fill In the Blank question?" This just shows that we take too many standardized tests. This picture also shows that we don't know how to succeed in the real world. Standardized tests don't prepare you for life outside of school. When you are getting prepared to have a job you need to know how to live in the real world. In my opinion Standardized tests are unnecessary to have in school districts. According to all of the facts that are listed above these tests are just a waste of time. Thank you next President for listening to my thoughts. Sincerely, Lauren Shanks

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