Jacob C. Texas

Border patrol

The border needs to be fix, everyday illegal immigrants are coming from the border without any papers to clear them.

Dear Mr./Madam President,

Mrs. President, we need to take action by signing a bill on immigration because we want to have a country with a strong nation border . Without a border to protect, then immigrants are just going to be coming into our country. I want you to have the National Guard take action on the border a lot more, and have militias on the outer edges of the border.Then we need to lower the illegal immigrants to a very low percentage because we don’t want a high percentage of the population to just be illegal immigrants. Make sure every person who is Emigrating to the US has papers. Also, get ideas from the people and legislative branch because our main government is from the people.

The border needs to be fixed because without a border, we don’t have a country to work with and protect. My solution to this problem is to have militias roaming throughout the border so it’s easily protected without causing any problems. This is my idea of how to protect the border, but take other ideas from the people. If we don’t protect these borders with responsibility. Then we will fail as a nation.

Some people in the world think that a wall is a good idea, but the problem about a wall is that it’s super expensive and the least effective because the immigrant can dig tunnels under the wall. The wall will also affect the environment. Animals crossover the border about everyday, a wall will stopping them. Then it’s technically killing the environment. A wall may also cause a ton of pollution, so it will make the situation of global warming in the Rio Grande valley really terrible. We also have at least the majority of people not wanting a wall. If this many people on the border have disagreed on building a wall. Then we won’t do it.

If immigration gets out of control, then it’s like another country taking over the united States. If we don’t have a border, then we don’t have a country to protect. Even if illegal immigration is at a historical low, we still need to get it as low as it can possibly be. Make sure every immigrant has papers, and doesn’t have fake papers. Also if they’re illegal and have a family, they should get some help so they won’t get deported. However if they have criminal charges and don’t have papers, they get deported. Every immigrant must be treated like Americans after they’re not illegal.

Congratulations to the winner of this presidential election. Please take this immigration situation seriously because immigration is a big issue. Maybe even around the world. This issue is like no other because it’s a roller coaster. It’ll be very low one year and be at an all time high the next year. However, immigrants from another country are like regular, normal daily Americans. These immigrants also have the same rights as we do.

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