Cooper W. New York

Letter about Pollution

This letter is written about pollution and its causes in our nation

Dear president,

Although I may be under age to be voting, I have watched the news and read what has happened and is happening in the world. There have been many problems relating to violence or destruction but, the main problem that I will be focusing on is the way we are treating our environment. Global warming. This obviously is a huge issue so I will limit this letter to pollution. How we dispose of our waste and how it affects us.

A few years ago our schools have called attention to pollution dramatically. It was the main issue we were learning in our classroom whether it was in global (learning what lead to this), english (writing about it, making stories), and math (looking at the mathematical standpoint such as percentage of how much is in the US compared to the rest of the world).

From the discovery of coal, we have used this resource to fuel our life but how helpful have this new life been? For the past few years gasses such as carbon monoxide, methane, and nitrogen have been leaking into our atmosphere in larger quantities. Not only have these gases been polluting the air but the factories and power plants have been destroying our land. The way we are getting rid of our waste from these plants are what really matters. This has caused problems in almost every category. Air (the gas they produce), water and land (how they dump their waste), most plants use water to get rid of the liquid waste. They dump their liquid waste in water and run it away from the facility so it doesn't “clot” in the system. Then the solid material gets dumped in landfills.

This has ruined our way of livings. We as a society have to understand these problems and try to fix them. Yes we have built wind turbines to help produce energy instead of burning coal in generators. We have made water turbines that help generate electricity inside of our already built dams but what are you doing to stop the creation of power plants that are destroying what we as a nation has built and become? We may not be able to tear down every plant, but we can start with the ones we don't need. Ones that we know can be replaced. “Since 1970 the government has introduced progressively stricter limits on acceptable pollution levels” as said by Gale, an academic learning website designed for research, but you're only making it stricter on amounts of pollution. This means that this is still allowing lots or pollution into the air. Factories are told by the government to “engage in a dialogue with employees and the community and report on waste and release information” (Kagan).

So my question to you is, will you be the one to stop this nonsense and actually put a stop to this problem? Will you rise up above the others. We are all looking up to you, you to stop our most severe problems.

Niskayuna High School English 10R

English 10R - Block 5

Mrs. Werther's Block 5 English 10R class

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