Kevin S. Florida

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My open thoughts and opinion on what should be focused on during your presidency.

The Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

NW, Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President,

I am a citizen of Miami, FL and I am writing to you to leave a suggestion of a possible solution to our energy and pollution crisis during your presidency.

As you may or may not already know, more and more excessive toxic waste and fossil fuels are burned and used each and everyday in United States, we get at least 84% of our total energy from theses fossil fuels to generate power to millions of homes, cars and businesses ( However, as we generate energy for businesses and home, we create a polluted environment that not only affects the Earth's health, but also for the people living on it.

As a young adult, I agree that we should view our pollution crisis as a global crisis, as for it does affect the entire population of Earth itself, due to its greenhouse effects and major damage it does to the ozone layer, the very layer that protect us from cosmic radiation and UV rays. As a general consensus, we as a population should look to more cleaner and more renewable energy that could benefit the Earth and people's health.

Specifically, what I am asking of you is to promote different and environmentally friendly sources of fuel, such as Wind and Solar energy. If you created a program to encourage people's opinion of other reliable sources, not only I, but the entire population would benefit from this itself.

Thank you for consideration on this matter, and I do hope to hear back from you.

Kevin Salgado 

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