Jacob Pennsylvania

Renewable Energy

We need renewable energy instead of energy that creates pollution!

                                                                                                                                                        October 18, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am very concerned about the pollution made from our energy sources and think we should use renewable energy instead. Every time I pass an energy plant, I see smoke floating out of pipes. I see the smoke going up into our beautiful sky and ruining it. The smoke is making our clean air dirty. Renewable energy is energy that is not made from a source that will eventually run out and create things harmful to the environment.

Did you know that air pollution causes two hundred thousand early deaths each year? How can you let so many children die? Also, seventy-eight percent of the United States global warming emissions come from energy emissions. From pollution, acid rain is formed. Acid rain can be harmful to aquatic life and trees. Up to fifty percent of pre-processed coal can become toxic waste. I can't believe we are letting these things happen!

Some types of renewable energy are solar panels, wind power, water power, and more. These ways of creating energy cause no pollution to the environment and could support our energy need. I can't believe we have not spent more money on this!

In conclusion, I think you should provide more money to build renewable energy sources. This will improve our environment and many more things. I really believe you should consider thinking about taking action.