Caroline M. Pennsylvania

Foreign Policy

This letter was constructed to address concern over the issue of the Islamic State, and what you, the next president, decides to do about this issue.

Dear Next President,

Radical Islamists, otherwise known as ISIS, has proven to be very dangerous to our society. They have claimed way too many innocent lives, and threatened many others. The Islamic State have caused many issues that range from discrimination all the way to terrorist attacks. They have proven that we should clearly take them seriously!

Personally, what I would like to know is what you plan to do to combat this issue. Do you think we should continue with airstrikes, or actually put people on the front lines battling ISIS? I believe that something should be done right away, considering the danger the Islamic State is to not only Americans, but to other innocent people.

In conclusion, radical Islamic groups such as ISIS pose an imminent threat to the world. Some plan of action needs to be done as soon as possible.


Caroline Martin 

Elizabethtown Area High School

2016 Fall Honors World History

A collection of questions, lessons learned, and pressing thoughts from my 2016 Fall Honors World History students at Elizabethtown Area High School to the next President of the United States on the topic of foreign policy and pressing international issues

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