Perrin California

U.S. Russia Relations

U.S.A and Russia should work together.

  Dear Next President.

Congratulations on winning the 2016 election. I hope you will help people and keep us safe. My main concern for our country is that should the Russians and the United States of America work together. We could stop wars before they happens and save a lot more or trade resources to help clean up one other. We could trade technology and manpower. We could combine our armies so we can save the world, but must not get power hungry so we don't start World War 3. A point in time Russian President Boris Yeltsin launched economic reform, and the .U.S committed $24 billion in aide Russia. Yeltsin and President George H.W Bush strategic Arms Red union Party. In WW2 we work together with the Russian and the Brits we are still with the Brits but not the Russians. why can't we work together again!

I’m looking for a fearless and brave president that doesn't mind to get his hand dirty and to lead use to victory and peace.