jeremy d. Pennsylvania

Presidential Foreign Policy

Why does the United States have an Increase in flow of immigrants to this country? It's because the United States offers so many beneficial things to the survival of life. The biggest threat coming up with the election is how each president will deal with illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants come into America illegally either by crossing the border or other means. Illegal immigration is very important to me because I don't think it's right for an illegal person to just come into our country to try and live among the legal residents of the U.S. A lot of the illegal immigrants come into the United States and take our jobs, and cause crime.

Dear, Mr. President:

One of the main reasons illegal immigrants come to America is because of the job opportunities. One of the thriving places the immigrants are coming from is Mexico. There are not as many jobs, so many people come to get jobs and try to start a better life. One of the biggest problems with that is they come here with no money and do not know how to speak English. There are around 8 million illegal immigrants are working in the United States currently. There are millions of legal American citizens that are currently unemployed which means if we deport all of the working illegal immigrants, the legal citizens can take the jobs. This can help solve the unemployment issue in the United States. This will only benefit our economy by getting people off the streets and working. Illegal immigrants have US citizens jobs which is not fair to any legal American who doesn't have a job. By deporting the illegals, US citizens will get their jobs back and help the economy grow.

In the United States, many Illegal immigrants come in and cause disruption and crime. Illegal immigrants cause approximately 13.6% of all the crime in America out of the total population. With these numbers, criminals come into our country and that is risking our safety. We should react upon these numbers, and do something about the illegal immigrants. Many immigrants join gangs and cause crime that affect the population of the United States. Illegal immigrant crime accounts for nearly 30% of all crime in many states. "Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens. In New York it was 34% and Arizona 17.8%" (Breitbart). Looking at these numbers as an American, it causes concern because if we did something to stop the flow of Illegal immigrants then crime could go down.

Why do we allow these Illegal immigrants to come into the United States and cause disruption? All we do is sit back and watch them come in and take our jobs and cause crime throughout the entire U.S. As an American citizen it makes me mad because we were born here and can't get jobs in some areas because illegals come and take away that opportunity. In the near future, the next president of the United States seriously needs to consider what they are going to do with this issue before it begins to get out of control. 

Sincerely, Jeremy

Elizabethtown Area High School

2016 Fall Honors World History

A collection of questions, lessons learned, and pressing thoughts from my 2016 Fall Honors World History students at Elizabethtown Area High School to the next President of the United States on the topic of foreign policy and pressing international issues

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