Daniel I. Nevada

The "United" States

We call our country "The United States of America" but what exactly is united about it? Our states may be united under the name, but we as individuals lack the unification we need. We have different groups fighting for issues which shouldn't be present today. We as people have created our own communities and neglected to accept people outside of our norm. How can we as people who live in this country truly call ourselves united?

Dear Future President, 

I write as a high school student whom is concerned with the future of our country. This country which is built with the idea of freedom and equality among the people has fallen down drastically. Today we as people alienate ourselves from others looking for only out for ourselves and violating the equality which we live by. We are spending our days watching what is happening but not doing anything to change it. We have groups being established to combat issues which should have been resolved long ago. Today on the news we see groups such as Black Lives Matter who are fighting for equality and the stopping of police brutality on blacks. This group is fighting for something which should have been resolved a long time ago. The topic of equality shouldn't be brought up anymore because we as people know we are all the same. We as the people of the United States understand that we are people trying to get by. The hate which people have on others is something that shouldn't be happening. 

On the topic of inequality, I ask you, the president of the United States, how do you plan on uniting the people under the name of the human race. How do you plan on making the people see that we are all the same and that we should protect one another? We call ourselves the "United States" but what is truly united about our country. We neglect to see that we are all people living in a great country and that we need to help each other. The issue which I'm presenting is the advancement of the country in regards to the freedom which we expect and the equality which we say that we have. 

To be fair with you, I'm tired of living in a country in which people are harassed due to how they look like or what they do. I expect you as the president to take the initiative to help the people of your country and do the right thing. I expect the person who is looked up to by children and adults to make the right choice and unite the people. I ask as a fellow American for you to make the right choice and make the people unite as fellow Americans and not enemies. 


Daniel Ibarra

Canyon Springs HS

Mock Trial

Senior Magnet Students

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