Gaby C Nevada

Textbook vs life skills

Life skilled related classes should be applied in schools to become independent

Dear Mr. President or Mrs. President,

Every day we are learning new things that can help us one day in the future. I would like to introduce a proposal that will teach students skills that will help them with their adult life. It will prompt independence and give more opportunities to the future generations of this country. I would like if either the executive or legislative branch would implementate life skill classes in the curriculum of students from the ages 12-18 years old or till graduation. This will help build up skills in domestic, professional and personal related situations.

These classes will teach students manual work such as using basic construction tools such as a hammer or a wrench, mechanic techniques like changing a tire etc. This will allow students to be less dependent on services that cover these needs and permit them to use that money for something else like college or personal expenses. Another aspect these classes can be helpful for new adults or college students would be teaching skills involving domestic work. This can be seen in mending clothes, cooking a meal, or maintaining a clean living area. This will allow them to save up money from being use in buying new clothes, buying fast food or being less hygienic.

Another thing these classes can teach is doing paperwork in different formats. For example taxes, bills, medical issues, bank accounts, mail, insurances etc. If a student learns how to handle or fill out this paperwork it will prevent them from losing those benefits or accidentally becoming in debt with an unknown group or person. Also since we are a high technological society everything is either on a computer or an electronic. If a student learns how to fax, scan, print and file this will help them be more organized with important information. This will also increase professional behavior since it will demand them to be more responsible and have skills needed in the workplace. These classes can teach them people skills like answering the phone or questions, being more tolerant, or hold a conversation with a wide range of individuals. When they fill out a resume or go to a interview they will be able to say yes to questions like: Do you have the skills to do this type of job?

Furthermore these classes will help students have a stable life by obtaining social, work, or living skills under their belt. The organizations UNICEF and WHO actually encourage countries to provide these classes to the younger generations to prevent deaths, diseases, lower standard of living. Yes many would argue that they should ask their parents for help or enroll specific classes for these skills but some don’t have these opportunities. Some students don’t have time for it, their parents may not have time or consideration for it, sometimes their is costs in the classes, transportation or its not available for them.