rita o. Nevada

Saving our Community

Many deaths across America have been caused by having guns in the wrong hands. The background check before a gun sale is the right way to go.

Dear president,

I am concerned with the protection of my community. Guns have fallen into the wrongs hands and this has to be stopped. Each morning becomes more and more like a game of roulette, will you be lucky and be safe at school or will you be out of luck and be killed the bullets of the one who can not have a gun. Everyday more and more guns are falling into the wrongs hands and this has to change. We need to worry more about concerning about the safety here on domestic soils rather than worrying of the outside world.

We need to come up with solutions to initiate a plan for gun control. Here in Nevada an initiative has started to require background checks to ensure the safety of our communities. Many see this initiative as a violation to the 2nd amendment, when in reality this is an action. An action to bring back that safety that once existed in my community. I do not want guns to be in the wrong hands, only mindful people should have guns. I do not want to be afraid of waking up in the morning with the thought if i will be back home today. Please future president ensure the safety of not only my community but also of the entire united states.