Taylor B. Nevada

Facing our worst Fears of Guns

Basically to let the president know that people are dying more of guns than surviving. I want the president to do something about it, From personal experience I'm not asking, I'm providing information to help convince the future leader that guns are not needed.

Dear next future leader,

         Thank you for taking important responsibilities into your hands. Everyone of all ages looks up to you to help fix America's problems. Are you going to be the one who helps control gun violence? Provide assurance and safety throughout our schools and companies? Responsibility is something some Americans take for granted when they buy guns, but with the second amendment we have to learn to trust each other. With mass shootings, the trust is starting to decrease and someone, maybe a leader, ( the president ) , needs to take these matters and open your mind a bit.

       According to the crime prevention research center, “More than 80% of guns used in mass shootings are obtained legally”. Like I said, “trust”. Violence is the only answer when it comes to owning guns. Murdering isn’t protection, Suicide isn’t patriotic, so... what is America becoming? A big bloodbath of untrustworthy people? The real question is if we should take guns away all together. Guns were made with the sole purpose to kill, and America does not need more tragedies. No more unnecessary funerals and anti-depressant pills.

             October 21st, 2013, Sparks Middle School, my teacher Michael Landsberry was shot and killed by a seventh grade student. The student shot and injured two more, and then himself. A student that was bullied and teased and took his anger out with bullets. Jose Reyes was his name. The Report says that he was gifted with the gun by his parents! Personally I knew the teacher who was shot and killed.  Michael Landsberry was an excellent math teacher who inspired many to go off into high school and become something of themselves, He was a real American hero. Like I said Jose was gifted the gun by his parents. We’re letting parents buy guns without background checks. Shouldn’t we be worried more about the use of owning underage guns, not so much other issues such as underage drinking? There are certain songs dedicated to guns such as “pumped up kicks” by foster the people. One of the lines singing you better run, better run faster than my bullet”giving us an image of kids running away from a shooter. That’s the song that inspired Jose.

         What if we let someone purchase a bomb? It could easily go off and they’re just as dangerous. That’s the issue, the people are the bombs, they could easily get mad, be offended by something, randomly go off at any second once you trigger them, just blow up at any time, and destroy everything in their way. I hope you can find a way to prevent this. Maybe focus on the bigger picture. Force background checks, stop the producing of guns; Only use them for certain purposes such as hunting. Just a few suggestions, because I’m tired of people dying. Britain is doing just fine with those laws. According to the Wall Street Journal, the gun related deaths decreased by 95% in the UK when guns were banned.

My last and final suggestion is to help with the violence we see everyday, you’re a leader now. It’s time to listen to the people who are going to look up to you for 4-8 years. 


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Damonte Ranch High School

1st Period

Dramatic Literature. 11th and 12th Grade students.

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