mattheau r. Nevada

transgender rights and thier struggle

This is a letter about how the trans person has trouble in life and how the President can help fix it.

Dear future president,

I am a 16 year old transgender male I and I live in a world where it is highly unacceptable to be transgender. I fear for my life when I pass a group of teens or a police officer. I fear that I will never be accepted in this world I live in. I hope that one day it will get to the point where I can walk with my head held high and not be afraid to be beaten down or raped or killed.

You have the power to go do this. You have the power to make my dream a reality by pushing the states to pass laws to protect transgender people. You have the power to make me and my fellow transgender people safe in the communities we live in.

In a world where most are against us, I would hope that our President would be with us. You can help us, you can heal our wounds. You are a powerful person and you have the power to do this.


Mattheau Roshto