Zachary S. Utah

The "United" States

Our country is in need of unification among all Americans in order to achieve prosperity and productivity.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Congratulations on securing the White House after such a long, mudslinging race; coming out as the victor in this one is truly impressive. Many responsibilities will face you soon enough, I am sure you are well aware of. Regardless of the policies, laws, or issue that may arise, one, important thing must remain among the American people; unification. Decisions can be made and actions can be taken with unification. The U.S. has remained fairly unproductive throughout the last few elections, and this is due to the severe division among Americans.

In this election above all others, the American people have never been more divided, politically. Throughout the race, each side views the other side as truly insane and ravaging. It is important to end this behavior, if anything is to get done within the government of the U.S. We are living in a time in which we hardly ever agree on anything, and as a result, nothing will get done. It is time to stop throwing shade at the other side, and time to come together to discuss compromises.