Leonardo California


United States youth are suffering from parent deportation

Dear Future President,

Many children in the United State suffer from their parents deportation, many children are the most effect when their parents are deported to their home country. The effects including psychological trauma, material hardship, residential instability, family dissolution, increased use of public benefits and, among boys, aggression. These are some of things that the children suffer from, which is unfair to the poor kids. Research has shown that the emotional and behavioral harms experienced by children following a parent’s detention or deportation. Many children when they think about their parents is if they will still be with them and wonder what would happen if they were deported. Little kids shouldn't be thinking about that at such a young age, what fault do they have? None, but if we keep deporting more immigrants back to their country it would only cause damaged to their kids and depression. I strongly believe that deportation can harm the kids and caused them bad results.