Hunter California


We need to get out of the debt that we are in.

Hunter Thompson

November 4th, 2016

Dear President,

Congratulations and winning the election and becoming the President of this great country. This means that you have a very big responsibility in trying your hardest to make improvements for this country. One of the most important things to me is the debt that this country is in. According to the US debt clock we are over 19 trillion dollars in debt and I think that is a serious problem. The debt is just getting worse and worse and I think that we need to do something to stop that. We need to make sure that when we are spending money that we are spending money on something important.

This also means that we need to focus on our own country first. I feel like we should face the problems in our own country that can maybe help us with the debt before we help some of the other ones out. If we can lower our debt we wonโ€™t have to borrow money from other countries and I believe that this will put our country in a better position. By doing this we just need to be smarter with our money and know what things we really need to spend money on. So there are a lot of problems but I think the most important one is the debt. We need to be smart with our money and know what we are doing.

Thanks, Hunter