Daniel California


Taking away unnecessary structures and replacing them with low-income housing is a great starting point, at an attempt of offering help to the homeless.

Dear Future President,

I would like to congratulate you on behalf of your successful journey towards presidency. I would like to take a brief moment of your time to discuss a problem that has been affecting our nation for decades. Our country has a major problem with Homelessness. Although Homelessness affects some cities across the country, it still brings unwanted and negative conditions to big metropolitan areas. Homelessness, in the state of California, hosts a total of over 113,952 individuals that are homelessness. That represent only 20% of the homeless in the United States. Homelessness has never been taken care of because there is not enough money and not enough help from the government. All we do is just relocate the homeless to the homeless shelters, but that does not work because the situation still is not solved and the problem is still there. As a nation we need to help the homeless get back on their feet. A couple of homeless shelters and empty sidewalks are not going to make the situation better or improve faster. What we need is fast action and full support from the government and city council. 

Homelessness affects the suburban area of Los Angeles in a number of ways. Los Angeles hosts a great number of homeless. Homelessness brings unwanted filth and unsanitary condition to the public. The streets begin to look like trashed ally ways and big warehouse buildings look as if they just been bombed. Most of our local businesses start to die off due to the unhealthy conditions that homelessness brings. I believe having the adequate amount of low-income housing for the homeless; or at least sustainable places where they can get back up on their feet, is a great start into getting rid of the countries homeless problem. There needs to be full support from the government because homelessness is a problem that affect cities in the our country.