Elizabeth Wiles California

Let's Be Honest...

You are President of the United States, "Forgive and forget," no longer applies.

Dear Future President,

After the varying events of the election, I, as a student of Minarets High School in O'Neals, California, have been trying to decide the nature of which I would address my future President. With respect, I present requests and, if not for my pride, a sincere plea to have your term run differently than the campaign.

It has been difficult, especially as a student, to identify which candidate requires the most fact-checking. Honesty has been such a fleeting amenity in the 2016 election that I am not certain I will be safe growing into adulthood under either party. However, keeping the constitution stern, this is what the American people have chosen, and there is nothing I would rather stand by than my beautiful country.

To my next president, I address the topic of truth. I request an abundance of it when rendered safe and explanations of past omissions. To be a leader, one requires followers and those of whom they have pledged to stay truth worthy unto. I have not seen that in recent politicians and I merely wish to anticipate a change in my future president.

I ask that you be checked, and not refuse unto such, on their claims. Investigations would indeed be a distraction from current issues, but it has come to this and I do not see a more significant and close-to-home subject. I want your cooperation with influential honesty and the upholding vow to do so.

Without listing specific examples, because I deem it highly unecessary to do so, I just want to say a simple and well-known phrase, “Forgive and forget,” is entirely false. Possibly being applicable for a personal matter, in presidency, however, this is not something that should be accepted. Despite the slight injustice of it, if one is President of the United States, they no longer have the luxury of privacy. The American public expect reasons and explanations, integrity and humility, but above all, honesty in what is promised to us.

I understand that four years is not a long time. It is hardly enough to make a permanent change and that is unfortunate because, no matter which candidate wins this November, there is always some good each individual could do. Being the president is the most reputable job in the country and I respect the position, however, if the person holding it is unclear or dishonest, my appreciation wanes. I admire hard work and am entirely convinced the oval office promises such. As heavy as a load it is to be the President, you are not alone. There are approximately four-billion of us in this country and the majority want to work with you. However, we cannot do that if you are not honest with us. I wish you a peaceful term.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Wiles