Evan M. Missouri

Terrorism and its Affects on Us.

My claims against terrorism, obviously :p

Dear Mr. President,

Today, I would like to address a topic that is already well known here and around the world; Terrorism. It has been a problem for too long for us to do so little about this. We need to take out terrorism from the source and take it out once and for all. I propose that we get more airline and border control; better military troops or maybe weapons even. I have no direct correlation to the subject, but ever since middle school hit, I’ve learned that the world was a dangerous place. That it cannot always be trusted. But we can stop the fear built inside of people.

Terrorism is usually built around religion and beliefs. Sometimes an utmost hate, engulfed inside a single person which then grows into a group of people. This needs to be more heavily addressed, because terrorism is not something you can fix. Hundreds of people die each year because of terrorism. We can’t retrieve the souls of those already taken by terrorists. We must improve our border security to keep them out. Double the security agents, maximise the proof of a legitimate passport. We also need to improve our airline security. Make reinforced cockpits in planes and get more in-flight securities. Some people say we’re safe enough, but my least favorite numbers would disagree. Would you like to know my least favorite numbers? Here you go: 28328. That is the number of deaths around the world caused by terrorism. Per month. That right, 28328 people died per average only a month last year. 11774. That’s the number of attacks per month worldwide. Along with 12189 kidnappings and 35320 injuries per month because of terrorism, I’m thinking we have a pretty big problem! We can make the difference. We can stop it together.

Thank you for your time, Mr. President,

Evan Maxey

Central High School

ELA 9 - 1 Blue

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