Jaycee D. Colorado

Police Violnce

Police violence

Dear Next President,

2016 the number of Line of Duty Deaths was an astonishing 114 men and women. 50 of these death were caused by gunfire. Without police and law enforcement, our world and nation would fall apart. Police violence is intolerable and unacceptable. We must control and fix this problems immediately. Law enforcement are a big part in keeping our country safe. The issue regarding “Black lives matter” should not be an excuse to put our law enforcement in danger when they do so much for our country. They provide rule of law which strengthens trust within society, they help maintain social order, and they keep us all safe. As Americans we must support and stand with them, not create violence against them.

The idea of white cops shooting black people is completely bias and stereotypical. The problem we have here is many times, alterations with law enforcement. If one does not follow directions given by that police officer, it does result in the police officer being more aggressive and sometimes violent. This has nothing to do with color, rather the safety of both people. In fact, law enforcement killed 50 percent white people in 2015 while 26 percent were black. The statement “Black lives matter” is unjust and inaccurate. All lives matter. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, everyone's lives matter. However, when those lives are threatened when our law enforcement is trying to do their job to keep the rest of us safe, there in lies a problem. The goal of our police members is not to create harm and kill, but when problems arise they must keep themselves and the people around them safe which is their number one duty.

Police keep our country, towns, and communities under control. They are always there for support, help and care whenever needed. I feel a lot of us Americans take advantage of that. They act such as a backbone for our communities and families. Our policemen do so much for our society they deserved to be praised and thanked rather than being seriously injured and can killed by the people they protect. To me it makes no sense and saddens me that such things are happening to our men and women. “There's a widespread perception in the American public, and particularly within law enforcement, that our officers are more threatened, more endangered, more often assaulted, and more often killed then have been historically.” We know that their as a police officer, they understand and realize violence and high risk comes with the job. However, as Americans, our job is to provide the most support and protection we can for our law enforcement. Your job, as our president, is to step up and put an end to the violence of our police and rather create a positive environment for them instead of a hateful and cruel environment.

Our country wouldn't be able to uphold without our law enforcement. Their job is to keep us all safe and protect our communities. October 18th, 2016 two police officers from Palm Springs were shot after a 12-hour nightmare. The shooter, Felix, told his father before the gunfire began that he wanted to shoot the cops. Felix had shot Jose Gilbert Vega who was due to retire this December. He also struck Lesley Zerebny who just given birth to a baby girl four months ago. Because of the violence towards these two police, Zerebny will never be there to watch her daughter grow up, and she will never know her mother. As sad as these stories are, they are happening everywhere. This has become a common thing. We need police officers to keep us and our country safe, and in return we must do what we can to keep them safe so in the future, incidents like these are prevented.

I feel like this is the least we can do for people that risk their lives everyday serving us. Just as much as we need protection, they do as well. This problem must be stopped and resolved immediately before we lose any more law enforcement. We must remember police are out to do no harm, rather enforce rules and laws that are very beneficial to our safety. All lives matter. Let's do everything we can to protect them just as much as they protect us and make sure we are giving them a positive supportive environment.




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