Jefferson M. Pennsylvania

MY thoughts on U.S Military Bases

The unnecessary bases around the world.

Dear Future president,

Hello my name is Jefferson Marte. I am puerto rican and Dominican i live in the city of brotherly love. Known has Philadelphia, PA. The topic i'm discussing is about our military bases around the world. I think personally that these bases are necessary to have. One reason is that we lose our loved ones. Second we have way too much bases around the world. Lastly imagine if you were a soldier how would you feel. These bases waste lives money and don't cause peace.

Let me tell you about why we don't need military bases all over the world. One major problem with this is that we have our family and friends fighting in many other countries for no valid reasons. We have many of our soldiers that our dying defending the American bases in foreign countries. This isn't just a problem for the lives of Americans but also lose their loved ones. It betters for everybody around the world. Nobody has to lose anybody that their close to and it just keeps more peace in the world. Isn't that what we strive for is world peace.

Another thing is where really are these U.S military bases? The U.s has just about 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories. According to David Vine of Politico Magazine β€œto sustain these bases and troops it cost 160 to 200 billion dollars a year.”

Why do the U.S have so many of these bases? Just Russia, France and Britain have 30 bases combined in other countries. We have 174 in Germany, 113in Japan, 83 in South Korea and hundreds more in 70 other countries from Aruba to Kenya. All this money from taxes going to these troops that don't need to be there.

Lastly now imagine you were part of the U.S Army, Air force, Navy etc. Then they send you all the way to the other side of the world to go to one of these bases. Now in the act of duty you had to take out a innocent life. Would you feel right in doing this? Everyday you're either killing someone or someone has died on your side. There is too much death in these situations. Think about it would you feel safe if China came to America and set base next to your home would you feel safe?

Having this bases again our irrelevant to our country. This is important to me because i worry about other people not just myself. Everyone should care if people weren't so selfish and violent we wouldn't have to lose anybody and we can keep world peace. Just for a start you can get rid of a lot of bases that you really don't need. I want to see this world come together as one and be united and care for eachother.